Carrie Heath - Democrat

Carrie Heath for State House

Press Release March 2018

For Immediate Release

Carrie Heath has announced her bid for the position of State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 68th District. Heath is a 7th generation Tioga County resident, local educator, and founding member and past president of Tioga County Indivisible.

“My goal is to rebuild a sense of commonwealth in our communities,” says Heath. “With an eye toward local history, and a clear vision of the future, we can take small steps right now to heal and grow. I want to rebuild infrastructure in order to provide good jobs now, and to make more jobs possible in the future. I want to create an area career and technical education center to give kids the skills they need to get good-paying jobs without having to go in debt for a college degree. With those skills, our children can stay in this beautiful area to build lives for themselves and contribute to the community. I want to attract more mental health professionals to the area to serve the needs of children, veterans, and the elderly.”

Heath was raised on a family farm in Delmar Township and returned to the area after attending the University of Southern California. She holds a Masters Degree from Mansfield University and is employed by the Wellsboro Area School District. Her platform includes supporting family farms and responsible use of natural resources, and she is deeply committed to veterans’ issues. Heath is also dedicated to continuing the 68th District’s tradition of listening to and assisting constituents with both large and small issues and concerns.

“With any decision that comes before me,” Heath says, “This is the measure that I will use to guide me: Does it build community? Will it benefit the people of the 68th district now, tomorrow, and fifty years from now?”

For more information, email or view the campaign Facebook page at Carrie Heath for Pennsylvania’s 68th District.