February 27, 2020

Hi Cameron,

Here is the placement breakdown of what is included in our current agreement on The Home Page Network, which includes Wellsboro Home Page, Mansfield Home Page, Blossburg Home Page, and Home Page Sports.

Note: I include Blossburg Home Page in this breakdown even though it is not part of our current agreement. We have been running Blossburg Home Page advertising for UPMC free of charge since October 2018 after UPMC Susquehanna Williamsport requested the purchase, but Harmelin Media would not place the buy. We decided to honor UPMC Williamsport and added Blossburg at no charge. We will continue to run UPMC advertising on Blossburg Home Page through this six months trial period of 4/15/2020 - 10/15/2020. At the end of the trial period, if you decide to stay with The Home Page Network, then we would ask for payment on Blossburg Home Page, which amounts to an additional 500.00 per month. If you do not want Blossburg Home Page advetising, then we are requesting your written release of that market so that Guthrie can advertise with us in the Blossburg market. Thanks!

Here is the advertising breakdown for The Home Page Network online publishing that will run during the six months trial. These are the things that will need tracking. This breakdown does NOT include when we bonus you - only the minimums. Each sponsored feature receives a minimum of sixty days of exposure on our front page in each market.

     1.     On the eleven features you sponsor each month, UPMC receives a large 1360x250 Banner across the top of our front page for Wellsboro Home Page, Mansfield Home Page, Blossburg Home Page, and Home Page Sports. All banners link to UPMC. Note: Banners could link to a stopover page produced by The Home Page Network at no extra charge upon request.


2. UPMC receives constant exposure in our rotating banner section at the bottom every page we publish in every market on all of our products, including Home Page Sports and all of our Home Page Channel pages.

3. UPMC Banner located on the cover photo of each sponsored broadcast feature.

4. Screen advertising at the beginning of broadcast with the announcer saying things like, “Today’s basketball highlights are brought to you by UPMC - Life Changing Medicine.”

7. UPMC Channel down the left navigation bar of every page we publish on our main site as well as on The Home Page Network App. Note: Our current Channels will be moving from the Channels Page to the front page of all our products in April. Your channel will include all past and present UPMC broadcasts as it does now. These programs are produced free of charge by The Home Page Network as part of this package.

5. UPMC receives a thirty-second spot in the first position break of each sponsored broadcast in all markets. These thirty-second commercials can be supplied by UPMC or produced by The Home Page Network at no additional charge. 

6. UPMC will receive a minimum of 7 days of high rotation exposure under the Featured Stories section for each sponsored broadcast in each market and on Home Page Sports.

8. This agreement includes advertising on all of our Home Page products on The Home Page Network App. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the latest version of our Home Page App. Home Page App advertising includes numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 above.

Channels on The Home Page Network App.

9. Social Media: Each of your sponsored broadcasts will include banner advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

See Facebook sample below.

10. From time to time, we also run stand-alone advertising on Social Media for members of our Home Page Family of Advertisers at no additional charge. This is included as a thank you as part of your overall package.

The Home Page Network

I think that is most everything. I could have missed a few things, but if so, we can let you know later. You will have to help us set up tracking for all of this. I will be in Washington, DC, over the weekend and back in the studios Monday. If you need me right away, please call my cell at 570-723-7702

Thanks and Blessings,


John Vogt


The Home Page Network

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